First, let me define triumvirate. A triumvirate is a group of three people who are in control of an activity or organization. In the book series, the Ever Afters, the Triumvirate is referred to as three different groups of people.

The first Triumvirate was made of Madame Benne (Lena's great x # grandmother), Rikard Longsword, and another woman named Maerwynne. This Triumvirate were the creators of the group called the Canon (the group of representatives from each Tale that makes many decisions for the world of Characters and Fairy Tales).

The second Triumvirate was composed of the Mildred Grubb (the Director), Solange (the Snow Queen), and a man named Wolfgang Sebastian Bruhm. The second Triumvirate defeated an evil king (i forget his name honestly, if anyone knows, comment it down below or just change the page directly) of the Fey. The Fey king was very controlling and trying to take over everything he could get his hands on. The purpose of the second Triumvirate was to defeat the evil king and make peace in the land.

The third Triumvirate is the one most prominent in the actual book series. It is composed of Rory, Chase, and Lena. The third Triumvirate was meant to defeat Solange (the Snow Queen). The Snow Queen was able to get out of the Glass Mountain in of Witches and Wind and was at large. Rory, Chase, and Lena defeated Solange. Rory took on the Snow Queen directly, Chase fought the giants, and Lena used her sorcery to kill other monsters.