Henry/The Frog Prince is a teacher at the American Chapter of Ever After School. His family is unknown. His age is unknown, although he is very old. He fought alongside Forrel's father in the war. He is a member of the canon, as the Tale Representative for The Frog Prince. He presumably lives in the EAS instructor apartments. He was good friends with Forrel's father.

Appearance Edit

Henry is very old, with gray hair in his ears, nose, and very bushy eyebrows. His nose is quite large and bulbous. He walks with a cane that has a frog carved on top.

Personality Edit

Henry is kind and funny and was once a good fighter. He seems to be a bit of a rebel. He jokes around quite a lot. He is rather a fun figure. He is can be very stubborn at times.

Tales Edit

Henry's tale is The Frog Prince. He is Tale Representative for The Frog Prince.

Relationships Edit

Forrel's Father - (friend) In Of Sorcery And Snow Forrel's father was good friends with Henry

Trivia Edit

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