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This wiki is an encyclopedia of The Ever Afters, a series of middle grade novels by Shelby Bach, and all material related to the story. There are four books in the series. The fourth book came out on June 30th 2015. Ms. Bach is also writing a few short stories which she plans on writing when she has time after book four comes out. The short stories are supposed to based between books one and two, and books two and three.
Warning! This wiki reveals plot details and heavy spoilers about the series. Read at your own risk!
Book Series

If you are interested in this series you can go to the website Shelby Bach for more information.

Series Description

Aurora Landon lives in the shadow of her famous parents. But don't ever call her Aurora, she greatly prefers Rory. No one has ever been Rory's friend without thinking about her parents first. Since her parents divorce Rory and her mom move every few months. Her mom is always busy, so when Rory has to stay late at school she isn't suprised. But she is suprised when her mother sends her to EAS, the Ever After School program. At first Rory thinks it's just a role play group, but when she has to battle a dragon on her first day she finds out it is something much much more. At EAS, Rory meets her two best friends, Lena and Chase, though at first, Chase and Rory were enemies. EAS is a place for people who are the stars of fairy tales like Little Red Riding Hood or Cinderella. Both the people in those tales are Characters or rather someone who has a tale. EAS is made for young Characters who are preparing for their own tales. At EAS no one knows who Rory's parents are and she gets a fresh start. Rory has many friends to make, many enemies to fight, and many secrets to uncover in this epic series.

Main Characters
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