Jimmy Searcaster is the son of the infamous General Genevieve Searcaster. He is married to Matilda Searcaster. He has an unnamed child.

Appearance Edit

Jimmy Searcaster is large, has mole-and-wart-covered green skin, and has black hair. His skin was also described as 'clean and as warty as a toad's has ever been'. His forearms are pockmarked with small scars.

Personality Edit

He is fairly strong-willed and is cruel and abusive. He enjoys eating humans. He is also quite determined. He is decisive and loyal only to the Snow Queen. He is also rather greedy and controlling.

Weapon of Choice Edit

Strength -Jimmy fights with his brute strength. He is so strong because he is a giant.

Relationships Edit

Matilda Searcaster - Matilda was Jimmy's wife, and he abuses her. Matilda presumably wishes that she could love him more. They probably loved each other once.

General Genevive Searcaster - Genevive Searcaster was Jimmy's mother. She seemed to think he had started leaning towards the good guys in OGAI. Their relationship seems quite unsteady. They both serve the Snow Queen Genevive Searcaster asked the Snow Queen to make Jimmy a Pillar. She succeeded.

The Snow Queen/Solange- Jimmy is a loyal servant, and later a Pillar to Solange. She really seems to only hold him in any high respect because of his mother, Genevive, who is a sorceress and is completely devoted to Solange.

Trivia Edit

  • Jimmy often teased Matilda, calling her 'useless'.
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