Chase and Rory is the friendship/love interest between Chase Turnleaf and Rory Landon. At first Rory and Chase didn't get along well, they play pranks and try to make each-other's lives miserable but after going on a tale with Lena they start accepting each other. By Of Witches and Wind both are best friends and can really connect with each other. After Rory finds out about Chase being half-fey they become even closer and can share pretty much anything with each other. They both share a hug at the end of Of Sorcery and Snow after Chase stands up to the Snow Queen for Rory and almost gets killed by the Snow Queen. Chase and Rory drifted apart a little in Of Enemies and Endings because Chase started dating Adelaide. But as the book goes on it is uncovered that Chase was under a spell from the wishing coin. Rory wakes Chase up from enchanted sleep with a kiss and soon after shies away from her feelings. It is soon after in the Snow Queen's castle that they share another kiss before Rory walks through the doorway that she sees in her dreams. After the war is over both Rory and Chase spend some time together to clear air and establish their relationship as dating.

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