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Of Enemies and Endings, is the fourth and final book of the Ever Afters series written by Shelby Bach. It was published on June 30, 2015.

Synopsis Edit

Rory and her friends are determined to stop the Snow Queen once and for all in this thrilling conclusion to the Ever After series, which Kirkus Reviews calls a “fast-paced combination of middle school realism and fairy-tale fantasy.”

After three years at Ever After School, Rory Landon is finally getting her very own fairy tale—but it is no happily-ever-after. She discovers that she has an Unwritten Tale, one that has never been told before.

As the war with the Snow Queen escalates, Rory can’t help but be distracted by her friend Chase’s odd and disappointing behavior. Not only is he suddenly ignoring her and letting her down on missions, he’s also dating a girl he doesn’t even remember asking out!

When the Ever After School is attacked, no one can figure out how the Snow Queen got past their defenses. Her sister Rapunzel is a prime suspect, but Rory thinks Rapunzel might actually hold the key to undoing all of the Snow Queen’s terrible magic. Can Rory put the pieces together in time to save her family, friends, and the school she has come to love, or will she fail and leave her tale unfinished?


Rory's house is being attacked by wiches and she almost surenders to them when her friends come to help. But Chase isn't there, in fact every time someone is in trouble, everyone except Chase and Adelaide are there to help. Rory isn't very happy with Chase...

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