Adelaide is a student at the Ever After School. Her grandmother is a grand duchess, which she uses as an excuse to act better than everyone else. She has a major crush on Chase Turnleaf. She absolutely hates Rory. She is usually parading around with her followers, Candice and Daisy. When asked what kind of tale she wants, Adelaide answered: "Anything where I get kissed." In OEAEA, we see a scene where Rapunzel and Adelaide are having a fight. After that, Rapunzel tells Rory that she is Adelaide's great-grandmother. In OEAE, Adelaide wished that Chase would be her boyfriend using her wishing coin, which she got after the Triumvirate, Miriam, and Phillip returned from the Snow Queen's palace. The wishing coin had a tracking spell, which she used, unknown to Adelaide, to spy on EAS. Once she was discovered, she admitted that she had wished that she didn't have to throw away her coin when they had come to take it away. Immediately, a duplicate appeared, which Adelaide used for her wish of making Chase her boyfriend. Because of this, she was expelled from EAS and went to the other continents to get them to join the war in between the American chapter of EAS and the Snow Queen.

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